Zenith the new fantasy MMORPG VR with Beat Saber fighting

The new game MMORPG in early development with anime appearance and Beat Saber style fighting. The developers are the co-founders of Ramen VR, who previously worked on Conjure Strike (3v3 shooter).

On its website we find an adventure in text (Zenith Sky Wave Transmission # 1) that will serve as an introduction to this MMO. In it we must find out who is behind a mysterious transmission with the voice of a woman.



The game will present futuristic fantasy environment, with post-apocalyptic and anime tints. Its authors, as the article by Forbes recounts, hope that it will welcome millions of players and can improve aspects of other titles such as Orbus VR.



The melee and distance combat will be based on rhythmic movements and hand gestures, inspired directly by Beat Saber.

We still do not know the release date, but its intention is to be compatible with Quest, Rift, Vive, Index and PSVR.



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