XR-1 the new mixed reality of Varjo

XR-1 is Varjo’s new mixed reality headset for the business world, engineers, researchers and developers.

The viewfinder has photorealistic fidelity, ultra low latency (less than 15ms) and integrated eye tracking (Eye Tracker 20/20).

Its Bionic screen has a high level of resolution, comparable to the human eye. The central part of the field of vision has a resolution of 3000ppi (like its product VR-1).

It contains two external cameras of 90Hz and 12 megapixels, which collect images of the outside world. It is able to project rendered content in real time by direct transfer. This content is displayed precisely, being almost indistinguishable from the real world thanks to the video-pass-through.



Volvo Cars, already associated with Varjo, has invested in the company to test its new vehicle prototypes, active safety technologies and interfaces.



Varjo and Volvo have already tested real driving on roads in Scandinavia, where the device adds virtual elements to the real world.




Its launch of XR-1 is expected for the second half of this year. At the moment the company has not specified a price, but it is expected to be close to VR-1.


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