Windows Mixed Reality and Valve knuckles

Today we review some of the possible combinations of Windows Mixed Reality viewers and the new viewer controllers of Valve, Index.


As we already know, it is now possible to reserve both the visor Valve Index, its accessories and peripherals. If you are already an HTC Vive or Vive Pro user, you have the option to purchase Valve base stations or drivers separately.


Valve Index


One of the great characteristics of the Valve knuckles is that they detect the pressure of the fingers on the controller. This can be used in games to break or deform objects if we press a lot. It also increases the immersion by taking the elements with your fingers as in real life.

Actions such as throwing objects become more realistic as the command detects when we release the element.

Another advantage of the controllers are the joystick, which improve the fluidity and simplicity of actions such as moving around the scenes.


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If you have a Windows Mixed Reality headsets, such as Samsung Odyssey, Odyssey +, Lenovo Explorer or Pimax, you can also purchase and use the Valve knuckles with them (as well as the HTC Vive controls).

With respect to Pimax, with its software tools, and updating the Pitool firmware, it is possible to configure the knuckles to be able to use them. It is also necessary to install the Valve controllers (you can find them in Steam).

To be able to configure our combination we will need the Steam USB dongles (one per controller), base stations, update drivers and programs, and configure your viewer on the PC.




For Oculus Rift users there are also tutorials and guides to configure your viewers with the Valve Knuckles.

More and more information about configuring WMR, Vive and Oculus viewers with the new Valve devices is coming out.






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