What you need for full virtual reality immersion

Virtual reality has taken a big leap this year with the arrival of new viewers and accessories to the average user. All of them pursue, among others, to take the user to an unforgettable immersive experience.

Today we will review some virtual reality peripherals that make it almost seem that we are in these virtual worlds.


Haptic Gloves

The haptx company has some gloves with which it is possible to feel any element, when we enter virtual worlds.




The Disney prototype for virtual reality, Force Jacket can make us feel any hit or shot in our body. You can also feel that something touches you, hugs you, and even that a snake slides through your body.



Another of the most promising suits is the Tesla Suit, which in addition to being able to feel the virtual reality in your skin, offers captures of movement, biometric feedback and climate control.



Odor mask

The mask of FeelReal can make us feel a multitude of scents, from the relaxing jasmine when passing through a garden, to the nauseating presence of zombies.



Haptic arms

Many peripherals are developed for use in specialized environments such as clinics or operating rooms. These devices aim to contribute to a virtual simulation as real as possible.

FundamentalVR , offers a VR surgical simulator with haptic feedback hardware (something like the vibration of a smartphone) so that doctors can feel a patient operating.

Surgical simulator incorporates two haptic arms that make the user feel different vibrations through touch.




This project in KickStarter is made up of sensors in ankles, knees and body. This will allow us to move in any direction in the virtual world, or stop instantly, among others, without hardly moving from the site.


Striker VR

With this gun, Striker VR is possible to feel the shots and, even, the recoil of the weapon when we practice or play in virtual reality.


Feel three

The KickStarter Feel three project consists of customizable modules for virtual reality experiences. That is, we can rebuild the kit as we go to use it for simulations of cars, helicopters, or ships, among others.



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