VR, AR and MR for the army

The armies of many countries are integrating virtual reality, augmented and mixed in the training and training of their soldiers. We reviewed some of them.


The US army agrees with Microsoft glasses of mixed reality for the training of its troops. The chosen viewer is a special version of Hololens 2, which the army has called “IVAS”, an enhanced visual augmentation system (Integrated Visual Augmentation System).

The device is part of the JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) project for the technological transformation of defense infrastructures.


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In the first tests of the IVAS device and facilitated to CNBC, the soldiers saw maps when looking down and a compass when looking up.



In addition, the system has a geolocation system to know the location of the members of your squadron and enemy positions. And it also has thermal night vision to see other people in the dark.

The contract has been carried out for 480 million dollars for the sale of 100,000 Hololens glasses and the army expects its deployment by 2021.






For its part, the British army has invested 1 million pounds in virtual reality for the training of its soldiers.

The simulation and military training software company, Bohemia Interactive Simulations is in charge of the prototype. This project has been funded by the Fund for Innovation in Defense.

Bohemia has also offered solutions to the US Navy, using gesture recognition systems using Leap Motion.




The initiative includes high resolution viewers, avatars to identify combat comrades, and personal monitoring to improve training.



The Indra company is developing iVictrix, a training system for the Spanish Army. The iVictrix system is the new version of the Victrix shooting simulator, currently used by the Spanish Navy.

This technology will allow soldiers to use their real equipment in virtually recreated environments. In this way training can be offered in different disciplines, such as shooting by vehicle, ship or aircraft.







The new Israeli Army war tank, Merkava Mark 4 Barak, is equipped with virtual reality, sensors and artificial intelligence. The project manager is the Elbit Systems company, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic defense materials in Israel.




The soldiers inside the tank will wear a helmet with virtual reality technology that will allow them to have a 360º view around the tank. In this way, detection, engagement and firing tasks in combat missions are speeded up.



The training program for these armored vehicles includes simulated virtual reality sessions, improving the training before using the tanks. Thus, soldiers take part in real exercises all the time.



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