Virtual Reality exercise apps and games to get you in Shape

There is a wide repertoire of games and applications with which to exercise and get fit with virtual reality. Today we bring you a selection of the best titles to get in tune having fun and without you barely notice.



Powerbeats VR

Rhythmic fitness game with which we can train virtually in a fun way. We will exercise without realizing blocking, dodging and hitting the objects that come to us.


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This title includes challenges adapted to the songs, editor of challenges, numerous weapons (fists, hammers or weapons), different levels of difficulty and world classifications.



Available now for Steam VR, HTC Vive, Oculus and Valve Index.



Box VR

Virtual reality game that simulates high intensity boxing workouts. Developed in collaboration with a team of physical exercise instructors, it has won several Fitness awards of the year.


In this title we will sweat the fat drop to the rhythm of music, burning fat and toning muscle.

It is available for HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality.



Beat Saber

Rhythmic game of virtual reality in which we will have to cut cubes (beats) as they approach us.


In the game we will handle two red and blue lightsabers, and we will have to cut the cubes of the same color. In addition, as we move forward, the difficulty will increase and we will have to avoid obstacles and explosives.

In addition to the broad repertoire of music he already has, he has recently added ten Imagine Dragons titles (DLC already available).

Awarded multiple awards, it is available for HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality.



Knockout League

Boxing game with training and championships in which to achieve gold gloves.


You will move dodging, blocking and attacking your opponents, while exercising and toning your body.

Available for HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality.



Superhot VR

Game of shots, ingenuity and reflexes in which we must use our creativity to solve the mini missions that he proposes.


In the game we are attacked by polygonal humanoids in slow motion, and we must use the objects around us to eliminate them. When we do not move, the scenario stops, and we can plan our strategy. We will use all kinds of objects and weapons, like pistols or ninja stars to defeat our enemies.

Available for HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality.



Sport Scramble

Fun dynamic game in which rules and elements of different sports are mixed. For example, we can play tennis with a golf club or a rugby ball.

Among the sports that we will find is baseball, hockey, tennis or bowling.


In the game we can play alone or online with other players, and it is available now at the Oculus store.



CREED: Rise to Glory

Boxing game inspired by the films of Creed, where you will start from scratch fighting until you reach the great world class matches.

It has different game modes, such as training, duel or championships. With this title we will sweat the shirt throwing punches, dodging and raising the gloves to stop the punches of the opponent.


The game has a free demo and full game, is in English and available for Rift and Quest.



Swords of Gargantua

Multiplatform online action game with hyperrealistic combat system.

We can play alone or join three other people in cooperative online mode. The game has 100 single-player missions and 30 weapons to unlock.


We will face hordes of enemies and their master, the imposing titan named GARGANTUA.



Sprint Vector

Futuristic and sporty game in which we must move our arms to advance on the ski slopes.


We will have to move our arms quickly to achieve greater speed, while we dodge obstacles and compete against the rest of the competitors.








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