Valve Index Review: one of the best VR experiences

After the arrival of the first shipments, we reviewed all the information to date on Valve Index, one of the most advanced and complete PC virtual reality viewers so far.

Between his characteristics stand out two LCD screens RGB of 1440 × 1600 (2880 × 1600 altogether) pixels and subpixels RGB that reduce considerably the effect grid. Its refresh rate is 120 Hz and is completely retrocompatible with 90 Hz and experimental mode of 144 Hz.

The field of vision (FOV) is about 130º both horizontally and vertically. The interpupillary distance (IPD) is mechanically adjustable with a range of 58 to 70mm.



The front includes two stereoscopic RGB cameras of 960 × 960 pixels for augmented reality or passthrough options, among others.

Under the front visor, which we can remove, we found an expansion slot with a USB 3.0 port for modding and development. An example of this is the panel of LEDs that they have implemented in realityinstruments.

One of the star components of the kit are its controllers (Knuckles) with joystick, buttons, trigger and trackpad, whose most relevant feature are the pressure sensors. They track all fingers (87 sensors) and can be attached to the hand by a strap, which provides greater comfort and immersion.



Valve has placed special emphasis on design and ergonomics, with more breathable material in the headband and microfiber around the visor. The weight is balanced so as not to feel pressure on the head.



As for audio, the viewfinder integrates BMR (Balanced Mode Radiators) headphones, which are actually loudspeakers and do not touch the ear. They provide surround and directional sound improving comfort and immersion. The viewer also includes a double microphone.

The complete kit includes the viewfinder, the two Valve controllers and the two SteamVR 2.0 base stations. In addition, we will find current adapters, for the head and some supports for the base stations.

We can also purchase the components separately if we are already HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality users.

The precio of the complete kit is somewhat high compared to other viewers without base stables, such as Oculus Rift S, HP Reverb, Odyssey + or other WMR viewers. While it is cheaper than the full HTC Vive Pro kit.



A variety of games have already been updated to provide support for Valve Index, improving the experience with its controllers. It is expected that new titles will continue to appear that take advantage of the full potential of the Valve knuckles.


Valve Index Controladores


In general, although the price is somewhat high for the average consumer, we are facing one of the viewers that offer the best virtual reality experiences currently. This is possible thanks to both Steam base stations 2.0 and controllers with finger tracking and pressure sensors.







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