The newest Nvidia and AMD GPU

Both Nvidia and AMD move tab and update their range of products.

AMD adopts the 3000 nomenclature for its next graphics, as well as its Ryzen processors, such as the probable RX 3080. In this way, it would match its CPU and GPU components, as well as stand out from its competitors with this commercial strategy.

Nvidia for its part, claims properties 3080, 4080 and 5080 for its future products.

AMD has announced at Computex 2019 its new Radeon RX 5000 and its new 7nm Ryzen processors, with new RDNA architecture (1.25x more per clock and 1.5x more per watt than the GCN).

In this way, the new RX 5700 GPU (7nm process, GDDR6 memory and PCI 4.0) is positioned as the first Navi product, which would be comparable to the GeForce RTX 2070.

This new family of AMD graphics will be available starting in July. We expect more information at the E3 fair in June, as price or more features.

Nvidia, according to its new teaser, wants to launch a new commercial brand: Nvidia GeForce SUPER.


As announced in the Computex 2019, bet on the increase of developments compatible with Raytracing (lighting technology GPU) through Nvidia Studio (software tools for developers).

At the moment we do not know if it is new components with Turing architecture, or a new graphic of the TITAN or GeForce series.

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