Survive on the red planet with Mars Alive for PSVR

The game of adventure, exploration and survival on Mars is now available for PlayStation VR. Its launch has been possible thanks to Winking, Future Tech Studios and its Kickstarter campaign.

With this open world title, you must fight to survive on the dangerous red planet of 2045. After the explosion that devastated the entire colony, cultures and technologies no longer exist.


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As an astronaut, your mission will be to explore, discover mysteries and conspiracies, and collect resources. We will have to monitor our reserves of oxygen, water, food, as well as our temperature. To do this, we will explore old facilities in search of resources and clues, which will help us discover the origin of the mysterious attack.




We can pilot space vehicles, ourselves or remotely, or use 3D printers to print elements.

Available already with subtitles in several languages in the PlayStation store. We must have the gamepad, the viewfinder and the camera.

You can see the Mars Alive gameplay in PSVR in the following video:









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