Space Ops VR, join the space training program

Today we review all the information about this game that takes us to outer space, in a special training program with an elite team.

The first-person cooperative online shooter created by DEVCUBE STUDIO and published by FIBRUM, will be released on May 30.


We will begin as rookies enrolled in a special forces training program, to ensure the safety of a dangerous expedition in deep space. We must demonstrate to our instructors that we have what it takes to be in front of dangerous expeditions.

We can play with friends in cooperative mode (Skirmish, Trials) fighting against aliens, Sandbox mode, or participate in player versus player battles (1vs1, 2vs2). The game is based on PvE / PvP score.

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We will have unique futuristic weapons, with different types of damage such as kinetics, beam and plasma. We will also have hundreds of grenades and devices to send your enemies to fly.

In the game we can customize our characters and make them improve their skills.

The new trailer of the game reveals some new features.


Distributed through Steam will be compatible with the Vive, Oculus and WMR viewers.

We can take a look at the following video of the Gameplay played with Oculus Rift and Touch, using a 10GB 6GB graphics.




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