Samsung Gear VR

This section is dedicated to the virtual reality viewer with Mobile Samsung Gear VR. In It we will talk about everything related to your configuration, requirements, analysis, applications and games.

Samsung Gear VR 1 & 2

This Samsung viewfinder in VR has two versions, both compatible with the driver.

Among its technical features are:

  • Mobile phone Screen we use. Compatible phones are: Galaxy Note9, S9, S9 +, Note8, S8, S8 +, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6 Edge +, S6, S6 Edge, A8 Star, A8, A8 +
  • 101 º of angle of vision.
  • 345 g of weight.
  • Rotation and proximity Sensor.

We will test both viewers with different mobiles and We will try all the relevant contents of the Oculus VR store.



Conflict0 Shuttered

We Played the first moments of the shooter, shooting robots and drones to get out of the fortress.


Dead and Buried

We Tried the first two hordes of zombie outlaws inside the tavern.


Shooting Showdown 2

Competition in the indoor shooting gallery game.



Legacy of Death

Exploring the dungeon in the early stages of the game.