Put on a virtual reality suit.

We will review some of the costumes designed to immerse ourselves in the virtual reality.

Tesla Suit

This suit has a haptic feedback system for VR, AR and MR, with which we will feel different stimuli from the virtual world. In Addition, the product brings with it a library and software for the user to create their own effects.

With The climate control system we will be able to experience the sensations of cold and heat, as well as temperature variations that occur in the virtual environment.

Tesla Suit Golf

We will be able to create our avatars thanks to the precise motion capture system, and the software utilities available for Unity, unreal and Motion Builder.

The suit is able to collect all kinds of body metrics, process them and communicate them without needing cables, because it incorporates a control unit in the suit, Bluetooth and Wifi. It Also supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

Tesla couple



This TactSuit Wireless haptic suit has more than fifty feedback points, with which we will be able to feel the stimuli coming from the virtual environment.

The set includes devices for the hands, feet, torso, arms and head, which incorporate vibration points. The Vest includes PC backpack support.


This way, we can feel a kick, punch or shot all over the body, making more realistic and immersive experiences like playing football, martial arts or boxing.

Thanks to the bHaptics designer software, we will be able to create our own patterns in a simple and intuitive way (drag and drop haptic points).


It Includes an SDK for each platform with which it is compatible: Unity, Unreal, Android, Windows, Daydream and Ios.

There Are Many other projects on haptic suits that continue to improve and improve, so that users can immerse themselves almost entirely in virtual experiences.


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