Pioneers of mixed reality with hololens

Today we review some of the pioneering projects in different sectors, which use mixed reality with Microsoft Hololens. With this technology all real environments will be supported by virtual information to facilitate any task.



In the city of Segovia (Spain) a mixed reality tourism project has started in collaboration with the Murcian technology company Natoural Digital Solutions. Both are the first to bring this experimental technology to the tourism sector.

Natoural DS

Thanks to this new experience, visitors to Segovia can tour Segovia in the Middle Ages with the help of a holographic minstrel. On this tour you will visit different representative places of the city (the Alcázar, the Plaza Mayor or the Puerta de San Martín) and contemplate different animated 3D models.



Car manufacturers such as Ford or Toyota are using Microsoft Hololens technology to design their cars and advise customers.


The team of engineers and designers will be able to visualize and interact with the prototypes, virtual 3D models in real size.

Hololens facilitates design actions such as changing the color, visualizing different options or cooperating with colleagues. It is also possible to see different configuration options of the car before buying it.



Fologram brings the mixed reality to the construction sector, facilitating the implementation of complex projects for workers trained with this technology.

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In this way field workers will follow the application guide to easily perform complex parametric designs.




This technology, together with virtual and augmented reality, have also entered other sectors, such as aerospace, healthcare or education. And different companies, institutions and organizations are adopting them in many of their areas and areas.


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