Oculus Quest All-in-one virtual reality Gaming Headset

Today we analyze the Oculus standalone headset (without connection to the PC and without cables) totally independent. We will see both specifications and available and upcoming games.

Among its features we find an IPD from 58 to 72, resolution of 2880×1600 with a refresh rate of 72Hz. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 3GB of RAM and battery with just over two hours of autonomy (expandable). In addition, it has 6DoF tracking without the need for external sensors. We can crouch, jump or move around the room.

The tactile controllers allow a good follow-up and are quite comfortable, with trigger and grip buttons, although they require batteries.

The viewer has positional integrated audio, which allows you to listen to everything that happens around you.

It is optimized to alleviate problems such as SDE, glare, blur or the barrel effect. The sweet spot is one of its strengths, because wherever you look, the focus is pretty good. Neither does the ghosting effect occur, so when moving the viewer, no distortions are seen on the virtual elements stopped.

The configuration of the environment (space limits) improves that of many other current viewers, since it is not necessary to remove the viewer while it is being done.



Among the current catalog of more than 50 Quest games are the already popular Beat Saber, Recall Robo, Superhot, Moss, Dead Buried II, Death Horizon, Drop Dead, Apex Construct, Journey of the Gods, Orbus, PokerStars, Tennis Scramble, Tilt Brush , Angry Birds or Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series.

In addition to the current catalog there is a wide repertoire of games to come.


In general, although it does not offer the most immersive and realistic experiences, it is one of the most comfortable and simplest in the market: put and ready. One of the best virtual reality experiences today.






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