New Glass Enterprise lenses from Google

The new augmented reality glasses from Google, Glass Enterprise Edition 2, are now official, at a price of 999$. These lenses will be aimed at specific sectors of the professional field (medicine and other scientific fields).



Workers can access their task lists, view work tool instructions, receive guidelines remotely or share multimedia files.



Among the new features of this device include the improvement of the battery, a more powerful camera or a better design of the frame. Also, a USB-C port has been added for fast charging. The engine of these lenses is a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 processor.


Another point that has improved is the software, facilitating the development and deployment, and the integration of both the services and the APIs. The device runs on the Android open source platform.

In general, this new official model will be faster and more useful, as Google explains in its blog.





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