Mega Discounts PSVR launch today

PlayStation has launched a series of discounts and offers in PS4 games in Europe. We review the titles of PSVR that are among the Mega Discounts offered by PlayStation until next July 10.


Dick Wilde (5.99€ antes 14,99€)

Game where we must survive waves of wild animals such as alligators, sharks or piranhas.



We will have a wide variety of weapons, ranging from shotguns, arcs with electric arrows and harpoons, to launch missiles and grenades.




In this one-player game in English, we must resist attacks in 9 different environments, such as pirate coves, marshes or ancient temples.



No Man’s Sky (11.99€ antes 39.99€)

Adventure game and science fiction, in which we can explore a universe full of stars and planets. The worlds we visit will be full of new ways of life.



We can visit planets, market and fight in a galaxy full of mysteries and dangers. In addition, we must improve our ship, suit and weapons if we want to survive space pirates and other hostile creatures.





Intruders: Hide and Seek (9.99€ antes 19.99€)

Stealth game in first person in which you will have to hide and try to escape from a house with three dangerous intruders.



During a vacation in the family farm, you witness how three intruders kidnap your parents. Your objective will be to try to save your parents and your sister, hiding yourself so that the intruders will not find you.





Moss (19.99€ antes 29.99€)

Adventure game and puzzles starring a little girl named Quill. Together with her, you will embark on an epic adventure full of mysteries.



From our perspective we will see the scenarios so we must look to find roads and platforms, to be able to move forward.




Quill can jump and give swords to fight the enemies, and we act as a kind of god who helps Quill. We can pick up and move objects to clear the road or hit the five with it.



Apex Construct (11.99€ antes 19.99€)

Game of action and adventures in which we must solve mysteries in a post-apocalyptic world, invaded by robots.



As the last human survivor we will have to solve numerous puzzles and find secret zones.

We will have a bow and shield to combat the artificial life forms created by a mysterious entity called Mothr.





Rise of the Tomb Raider (11.99€ antes 59.99€)

Game of Tomb Raider where Lara Croft must survive in the most dangerous regions of Siberia. This game includes a virtual reality mode for PlayStation VR.



We can put ourselves in the shoes of adventurer Lara Croft in virtual reality, through the Blood Loops mode (also available without VR). In this one-hour experience, we can explore the family mansion as if we were there.




In addition to the VR Blood Loops mode, the game also includes a cooperative online mode for two players, Stamina, where we will survive in extreme circumstances. In this mode we must hunt, collect food, make bonfires, and survive attacks by animals and men.

Another of the modes, Nightmare of Lara, we will have to survive hordes of zombies while we improve our weapons.






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