Meditation, relaxation and virtual reality disconnection

We review some of the main applications and games for virtual reality, designed for meditation, relaxation and disconnection.

Vacation Simulator

The latest game from Owlchemy Labs (creators of Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality) that simulates our holiday on the beach, mountain or snow. It Also includes a simulated setting of a 6-star resort.

The colorful scenery and the relaxing activities that it contains will make us enjoy all the virtual holidays.

Vacation Simulator is available for Steam, Oculus and PSVR.


Nature Trecks VR

Nature Trecks VR Explore tropical beaches, underwater oceans or sky and stars. We will Discover more than 60 different animals. We will Control the climate, take control of the night or create and shape your own world.

Available on Steam, Oculus and Viveport.



Applications like FlowVR for Oculus, it has environments 360º with 4K resolution and music of relaxation. With it we will be able to visit many spectacular landscapes of Iceland.


Relax River VR

With This application we will take a boat tour along the river, enjoying beautiful landscapes and environmental sounds, like the sound of water and birds.


Sphaeres VR

Sphaeres offers 360 ° videos on relaxation, guided meditation and travel. We will be Able to transport us to paradise and natural scenarios with which to have moments of peace and tranquility.

Available for Steam and Oculus.

These are just some of the relaxing experiences we can find in virtual reality. If you know of any more that you liked, do not hesitate to comment.


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