Online and location-based multiplayer augmented reality games

More and more applications and games of augmented reality multi-user online and based on location appear. Today we review some of the main games and applications that use this technology nowadays.

Augmented reality combines virtual elements with the real environment, allowing users to increase reality of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Some of the most popular augmented reality titles are Pokemon Go !, Jurassic World Alive, The Magic Go, Google Ingress and The Walking Dead: Our World.


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Much of the development of these technologies is done with Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.



Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The ones from Niantic and WB Games San Francisco (creators of Pokémon GO) are still working on their new augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.




In this game you will become a member of the special forces of the Statute of Secrecy, to solve mysteries, fight Death Eaters or dementors and help keep magic away from Muggle eyes.


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By exploring the map, we will observe traces of magic that will take us to the Incontratus in different locations in the real world.




The game will be available in about 20 other languages.

TThe release date in the United States and Great Britain (the rest of Europe a few days later) is Friday June 21 (Play Store and App Store). (Play Store y App Store).



Minecraft Earth AR

The next mobile game of Minecraft from Microsoft in which we can create, discover and explore as in the original but in augmented reality.



This title will take advantage of all the resources offered by this technology, for example, mini-games in real-world locations, associations with other people to overcome missions or discover unique objects and animals in real environments.




Minecraft Earth will offer different game modes, such as real size or table mode. In the first, players can walk in the virtual world of the game (use people occlusion). In the second mode, we will play around a table where we will make the constructions together with other people. In addition, thanks to the Motion Capture when the user makes gestures with his hands, so will his avatar.



Watty Dance Battle

The Watty company is developing remote multi-user augmented reality applications, with its WATTY Remote / WATTY Ghost Mode technologies. Applications include Watty Dance Battle and AR Ping Pong.

Watty Dance Battle is an AR multiplayer game where you can dance with friends or celebrities online, make music videos and share them on social networks.




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AR Ping Pong

Augmented reality application in which players from all over the world compete playing table tennis in real time. This online multiplayer game will be released soon as announced by the company Watty.




Other augmented reality game based on location or to play with other online users are the following:

  • Zombies, Run!: having zombies behind you will motivate you to run for your city. Collect objects and overcome missions while you listen to your favorite music.
  • Night Terrors: turn off the lights, put the headphones in a dark place and enjoy the repertoire of augmented scares.
  • Clandestine Anomaly: augmented reality action and defense game in the location that we choose.
  • Shift: game to run outdoors in a specific location. We can choose two roles, or hunter or fugitive, and only one will survive.
  • The Walk: another post-apocalyptic zombie game in which you will run for Great Britain to save your skin. Designed in collaboration with the National Health Service and the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom.







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