HTC Vive Cosmos: all the information we have

We review all the information until the date of the next viewer for HTC PC, Vive Cosmos, consumer oriented and with inside-out follow-up.

The last details of the viewer (since the last information) reveal a frame rate of 90 FPS (presumably operate at 90 Hz). The total resolution of its 2880 x 1700 LCD screen and its RGB sub-pixel panels will reduce the SDE effect, increasing sharpness and clarity.



The new tracking system, probably uses the two side cameras, in addition to the front (six cameras in total), such as HTC Vive Pro. As far as we know, the system will not include eye tracking as HTC Vive Pro Eye.

According to the arrangement of the cameras, everything points to not losing track of the drivers, when they approach the viewer.

Cosmos will come with integrated audio, allowing you to exchange it for whatever you want (Deluxe Audio Strap Strap).

It will also release controllers with a circular light bar on the outside. These new controls, with 6 degrees of freedom, do not seem to include finger tracking, but buttons in the grip area.



The new folding design will allow us to remove it and put it without any problem while we use it. The front will have a ventilation system to prolong the use of the viewfinder.



Another important characteristic is that its front panel will be modular and interchangeable, being able to change it and give mixed reality options in the future. The last published mod of the board incorporates the two cameras, top and bottom of the device.



According to HTC, the configuration of this viewer will be easier and more intuitive, as well as its ergonomics, so we can use it for several hours without problems.

Another aspect still to be revealed will be the connectivity with its cable, since HTC announced that it would transcend the PC. It is also almost certain that Cosmos works with a smartphone and perhaps with some other device.

The launch will be sometime in the third quarter of this year 2019 and the price is yet to be revealed.







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