HTC Vive Cosmos: All the new details

The consumer-oriented HTC PC viewer (without association with Valve) will be released during the third quarter of this year 2019.

The company announced that the device will have full compatibility with SteamVR. In addition, it must be compatible with HTC Vive and Vive Pro content, since it uses the OpenVR SDK.

Its tracking system is based on computer vision, which tracks the drivers. The positioning is inside-out with four cameras (2 on the front and two on the sides).

The controllers are completely redesigned with 6DoF positioning. They include joysticks instead of the directional trackpad, and a round halo with LED lights.


HTC says that the screens will be sharper than those of Vive Pro (with RGB sub pixels), which could mean using JDI 2160 × 2160 panels.

Cosmos will use IPD mechanical adjustment and according to the latest images, it seems to contain integrated headphones. It is connected to the computer by cable and has not yet been confirmed to be compatible with the Vive wireless adapter.

Vive Cosmos VR is compatible with VIVEPORT Infinity. It is the first unlimited subscription service for VR, allowing access to content through a monthly fee.

It is anticipated that the function to run from a smartphone is not operational at launch.




According to the statement from HTC Live in a tweet, next week will reveal the details of the Cosmos viewer, its availability and launch.





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