What’s new in GDC 2019 in VR, AR and MR

VR, AR and MR News presented in the Game Developer Conference 2019.

The GDC concluded last Friday in San Francisco, where the latest innovations in various technologies were announced. They have presented, among others, streaming video games with the Google platform Stadia, or impressive technical demos of unreal and Unity.

We will Review here the numerous innovations on virtual reality, augmented and mixed announced in the event, classified according to the products or services offered by each company.



Oculus has presented the Oculus Rift S, which replaces the original Rift and will be available for this spring by $399 (€449). Among Its most notable features we find the following:

  • You Don’t need external sensors to recognize space.
  • It Contains Passthrough function to see our environment without removing the hull.
  • Increases the screen resolution to 2560×1440 (the originals have 2160×1200) and lowers the refresh rate from 90Hz to 80Hz.



In relation to the Games, Oculus announced the second part of the shooter West Dead and Buried, which will be cross-platform between Quest (viewfinder with 6 degrees of motion and tracking inside-out) and S. In Addition, this spring will be on sale the popular Beat Saber, Shadow Point and Journey of the Gods (Turtle Rock Studios) for Quest.


Oculus showed the new and expected Stormland demo of Insomniac for Rift. This development takes place in open world and promises to be dynamic and changing, a whole new experience in virtual reality by the end of the year.


Another expected demo that was shown in the GDC was that of Asgard’s Wrath (of Sanzaru Games) in the visor Rift S.




The Company announced the development kit of the lip-tracking module (included in the facial tracking) for Vive Pro, although it does not intend to market it at the moment.


Magic Leap

Magic Leap presented with Weta his new multiplayer prototype: Grordbattle, game based on the world of Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders.

This Hyper-realistic action game can involve up to four players, who must prevent a robot invasion in the living room of their home. It certainly draws attention that our voices and eye movements will be reflected in the avatars we choose.




Nvidia announces that its GeForce Now streaming service will be available for virtual reality devices such as the HTC Vive Focus Plus 5G.



Provisional Launch of OpenXR’s first public specification, which will enable the development of virtual and augmented reality content for the vast majority of hardware. This is a big step in the unification of the industry, allowing developers the portability of their work to other systems. It Also assumes that platform vendors will reach more applications.



HP Reverb announces its VR for PC (Windows)-oriented viewer for consumers and businesses. It HAS the tracking system inside-out (two Windows MR 2 cameras), offering 2K (2160×2160) per eye. As for its FOV will be 114 degrees, and will carry a cable of 3.5 meters. This viewfinder is quite comfortable and will have two controllers.

HP Reverb

This device is expected in April at a price of $599 for the consumer, and $649 for commercial use.


Neo Pico

Pico announces its new standalone Pico Neo 2 viewer that connects wirelessly to the PC. It Will Be available for the second semester of 2019 and will have access to Viveport M.

Pico Neo 2



Released new software upgrades to enhance comfort: Foveated Fixing Rendering (FFR) and Smart Smoothing. The first technique shows more resolution in the center of the lens, and the second one has to do with the synthetic generation of pixels when the GPU does not feed. These features will work on the 5K + and 8K viewfinders.


These were some of the most outstanding novelties of this GDC 2019 in terms of virtual reality, augmented and mixed. Most companies that did not present anything at this conference promised new developments for upcoming events.

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