Game launch Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Today the augmented reality game Free to Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the United States and Great Britain (Google Play and App Store) has been launched. In the rest of Europe will have to wait a few days, according to its creators.

This title has been developed by Niantic and WB Games San Francisco (creators of Pokémon GO and Ingress), as we reviewed in previous articles. Download and install it will be free but you can make purchases within the application (Free to Play).




In this game you will become a member of the special forces of the Statute of Secrecy, to solve mysteries, fight Death Eaters or dementors, locate and recover magical elements (objects, fantastic animals or characters) and help keep magic away from Muggle eyes.



The magical elements that we must locate and recover are called recoverable. These can be kidnapped by a phenomenon of chaotic magic: calamity. When we get these recoverable we will get stickers for our album.

Another type of elements, the confusing ones, are the result of a spell that defends the recoverable ones from being returned.

By exploring the map, we will observe traces of magic that will take us to the Incontratus in different locations in the real world.



We can ally with other players, wizards or witches, to overcome dungeons, in which we must eliminate a minimum number of enemies in a given time.

When we start playing, we will choose different options when creating our magical passport. To begin, we can select an avatar or a photo of us, and our house Hogwarts.

In Wizards Unite there are three professions that we can choose when reaching level 6: Teacher, Magizoologist and Auror. If we want to be a teacher, we will have a good attack and defense, as well as healing power. The magizoólogo counts on great defense and healing, besides being able to defeat magical beasts. Finally, if we choose auror, we will have a great attack and precision.



For missions in the dungeons it is advisable that we form a varied and balanced team in professions.

Once in the game, we will recover energy through the streets and in the inns, located in different real locations.

When we return a retrievable, we will get runestones that we will use for the rewards in the dungeons.

Another feature of the game is that we can collect, in different locations, ingredients to make potions.

You can already see different gameplays of the game, like the one we leave below:




The game will be available in Spanish and in about 20 other languages in the Play Store and the App Store. Another option to play in Spain is to download the game’s apk.






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