New Elite Sniper for virtual reality

Rebellion presents in E3 2019 its new game made from scratch for virtual reality: Sniper Elite VR. With this title, he makes the leap to virtual reality with new history and features.

The story (written by Tony Schumacher, author of the novels by John Rossett) takes place before the Sniper Elite 4, in Italy in 1943. As members of the resistance during the Second World War, and armed with our rifle sniper, we must eliminate the U-Boat in the Mediterranean.



The arsenal of weapons are recreated from the authentic ones used during WW2. In addition, it returns the X-ray death chamber, with which we can see the trajectory of our shots in slow motion until they hit.

In the game, in the first person, we can move around the stage, bend over, hide and shoot our rifle, SMG or pistols.

The game will be available for Oculus, Steam VR and Viveport, as well as for PSVR, with support for Aim Controller, as shown in the video presented at E3. Your release date is not yet available.




Sniper VR is being developed in collaboration with the British developer studio Just Add Water, creators of Gravity Crash and Oddworld.






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