Can’t-miss games for Oculus Quest

A few days ago since the launch of the Oculus standalone viewer (without PC or cables), and already has more than fifty titles. Today we review some of the best to fully enjoy this device.



CREED: Rise to Glory

Boxing game inspired by the films of Creed, where you will start from scratch fighting until you reach the great world class matches.

It has different game modes, such as training, duel or championships. With this title we will sweat the shirt throwing punches, dodging and raising the gloves to stop the punches of the opponent.


The game has a free demo and full game, is in English and available for Rift and Quest.



Journey of the Gods

Game of action and adventures in first person, of which many say is the new Zelda in virtual reality.

Armed with our shield and sword, or with a crossbow, we will travel colorful landscapes, facing different enemies and fulfilling our missions.


In the history of the game we must defend the inhabitants of the Earth from the dark forces that invade it.



Orbus VR Reborn

OrbusVR: Reborn, the second part of OrbusVR is the only fantasy MMORPG designed exclusively for room-scale virtual reality.

The game takes place in a huge open world full of characters, stories or pets (like dragons).

Presents more than one hundred hours of missions in which we can fish or make objects with materials.


There are numerous dungeons that we can explore alone or in a group of up to five players, while we use voice chat.

Among the classes that we can select are: bard, paladin, shaman or scoundrel.



Job Simulator

Simulation game in which we will test the interactivity of virtual reality. In it, we will perform jobs in a world taken by robots and automation.

The title has four working environments, in which we will act as everyday employees of office or shop, or gourmet chef, but with a touch of humor.


We can throw our stapler to the partners, drink coffee aggressively eat food from the garbage.



Vader Immortal

One of the first exclusive games for Oculus. Created by ILMxLAB, study of Industrial Light & Magic (creator of the effects of Star Wars).

In the game we will be a smuggler who operates near Mustafar, the fiery world of Darth Vader. You will travel with a droid, ZO-E3, with which you will try to discover Vader’s plans, while you perfect your skills with the lightsaber and meet new characters.


The story is composed of three chapters, of which the first is available for now.



VR Karts

Racing game in which we will get behind the wheel of our own personalized kart, and we will compete in different ways.

In this title we can play alone or in multiplayer games, in which we will have weapons and powers to take advantage of the rest of the players.




I Expect You To Die

Puzzle game in which you will be an elite secret agent.

The goal is to survive deadly situations in dangerous places, using our skills and ingenuity.


Among the skills you have, there is telekinesis and numerous resources to escape from each situation or die trying.



Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Puzzle game in which we must break structures with our slingshot to get through the levels.

The title consists of more than 50 levels (more to come), in which we will try to rescue the stolen eggs on an island, by greedy pigs.


We will use in 3D the classic elements of Angry birds and special abilities like super speed or explosive power.



Apex Construct

Game of action and adventures in which we must solve mysteries in a post-apocalyptic world, invaded by robots.

As the last human survivor we will have to solve numerous puzzles and find secret zones.

We will have a bow and shield to combat the artificial life forms created by a mysterious entity called Mothr.




Swords of Gargantua

Multiplatform online action game with hyperrealistic combat system.

We can play alone or join three other people in cooperative online mode. The game has 100 single-player missions and 30 weapons to unlock.


We will face hordes of enemies and their master, the imposing titan named GARGANTUA.



The Wizards

Action and adventure game where we will put ourselves in the shoes of a powerful sorcerer in a fantasy world.

With your combat system we will use hand gestures to throw lightning bolts, fireballs and other elemental spells. We can chain combos and use different tactics against creatures.




Robo Recall Unplugged

The Quest version of Robo Recall in which we must remove, by hitting shotgun and pistols, the defective and suicidal androids.

In this game in the first person we will use a vast arsenal of weapons, and our reflexes to end the droid uprising.


The scoring system will reward us if we chase hits or we do them spectacularly.




Adventure game and puzzles starring a little girl named Quill. Together with her, you will embark on an epic adventure full of mysteries.

From our perspective we will see the scenarios so we must look to find roads and platforms, to be able to move forward.


Quill can jump and give swords to fight the enemies, and we act as a kind of god who helps Quill. We can pick up and move objects to clear the road or hit the five with it.



Superhot VR

Shooter in the first person in which we must use all our ingenuity and reflexes to overcome the missions.

When we do not move, time stands still, and we can prepare our strategy to eliminate all enemies, dodge bullets and plan the next move.


In the game we should not move, but rather take weapons (guns, knives or ninja stars) to shoot and objects to throw against our enemies.



Beat Saber

Musical and rhythmic game in which we use a laser sword to cut blocks that are directed towards us. The color of the blocks is associated with the swords we carry.

Game of simple graphics and with catchy music, with which you will almost dance while you take subos and elusive obstacles.


As we advance level, the game becomes more complicated and the progress of the blocks becomes faster. In addition, other elements are included, such as explosive mines.

Oculus Quest currently has a list of more than fifty games and applications, and will exceed one hundred by the end of this year 2019.






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