Best VR Games 2019

We review some of the great virtual reality games that have come out or are about to come out for this year 2019.



Final Assault

Final Assault is a game of strategy and action set in the Second World War. It is created from scratch for virtual reality.

The game is totally oriented to combat and battle in 360º. We can command jeeps, tanks, artillery and aircraft. We will order aerial bombings while our troops advance by land.



Strategic decisions have consequences that require quick thinking and quick VR reflexes.

Available on Steam, Oculus y Viveport.



Space Junkies

Space Junkies is an online multiplayer arcade style shooter, loaded with adrenaline and battles in extreme battles. In it you will fly flying in all directions deadly orbital sands, in a hostile space full of enemies.


In Dirty Bowl mode death lurks from any direction while you move at full speed fighting through the Orbital Sands, designed specifically to kill and built to shake.

It has team combats, all against all, duel, King mode, 1vs1 or 2vs2 . In them you will have all kinds of weapons, from solar bursts to biological weapons to kill your enemies.

This game is already available for HTC Vive, Steam and Oculus.



Blood & Truth

The action shooter Blood & Truth, we will put the helmet PSVR to rescue our family from the clutches of organized crime.


In this game we will travel London in the skin of a special forces soldier, with all kinds of skills. We can climb buildings, jump between balconies, infiltrate secret installations or shoot an entire arsenal of weapons.

The story of the game is worthy of the great blockbusters of Hollywood action. We will live gunshots in helicopters, car or plane chases with shots and all kinds of explosions.

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We can enjoy this shooter next May 29 in PSVR.



Orbus VR Reborn

OrbusVR: Reborn, the second part of OrbusVR is the only fantasy MMORPG designed exclusively for virtual reality on a room scale.

The game takes place in a huge open world full of characters, stories or pets (like dragons).


Presents more than one hundred hours of missions in which we can fish or make objects with materials.

There are numerous dungeons that we can explore alone or in groups of up to five players, while we use voice chat.

Among the classes that we can select are: bard , paladin, shaman or scoundrel.

This game is now available for Steam, Oculus and Viveport.




Online multiplayer game is Nostos. In this game of adventures in the open world we will find scenarios and oriental elements. In this survival title we can create clans, explore with friends, build shelters and fight.

Nostos VR

Nostos will be available this year 2019 for HTC Vive, Rift and Windows MR. Now we can make an advance order.

These games are making their way in the field of massively multiplayer online and announce how the next releases of this genre could be.



Shadow Legend

RPG of medieval fantasy, built from scratch for VR.

You will put yourself in the skin of a master of the Knights Templar who will fight in a kingdom in which the gods are at war.


The game is full of immersive activities, such as roasting meat by the fire, forging weapons (with hammer and anvil) or throwing sticks at your dog. In addition, it has voice recognition to interact with the characters with which we can, for example, haggle the prices to merchants.

It also has realistic inventory and combat systems. We will carry our treasures on top and collect them and use them manually. In hand-to-hand combat (with axes, swords, etc.) enemies can block your attacks and attack you when you least expect it.

This game is now available for Steam, Viveport and Oculus.



Undead Citadel

Dark Curry, Spanish company of videojuegos for virtual reality, is developing Undead Citadel, game set in medieval fantasy in which we will have to face hordes of zombies.

The game will include a wide repertoire of weapons and other equipment, such as maces, axes, swords or bows, as well as shields to defend us from the fearsome hordes of the undead. In addition, we will have potions to slow down the time or grant us super powers.

We can submerge ourselves through different levels of the game and enjoy the horde mode in which hundreds of walkers will pounce on us.

It is expected to be available for the Steam, Vive, PlayStation and Oculus.

No doubt this title has a very high level of graphics and we hope that by 2019 we can have it in our hands.



Asgard’s Wrath

The theme of this game (exclusive of Oculus) of action and adventures, will immerse us fully in Nordic mythology. And it is that the story will pass in the twilight of the gods (Loki, Odin or Heimdall, among others) and their fierce power struggle.

The game is a complete title that will possess various RPG elements. It will contain secondary missions, battles with bosses and much more.ASGARD-WRATH3

During the adventure we will be exchanging our role between god and human to meet different challenges and enigmas. As a god, we will have to help different heroes to complete their destinies. For this we can transform animals into allies that will fight with us.

One of his strong points seems to be that he will be his system of close combat, simulated with a great level of detail and translating the movements of the body to perfection. It will require our skill and dexterity if we do not want to be kicked without mercy.

Among the benefits of their struggles we will find dismemberments in slow motion or capture of weapons like daggers with our shield, and then lash out with them against our enemies.


At the moment we have to wait for setting and sharpening our controls for the launch of this promising title this year 2019.




Game of Imsomniac Games in which you will put yourself in the skin of an android that has suffered serious damage to his body and will undertake his adventure looking for pieces to improve himself and save his friends.

In this game in the open world, full of islands separated by clouds , you will be able to climb, collect, fly and jump over giant cliffs and abysses.

This is the first trailer presented at E3:


You can play alone or with friends, exploring forgotten ruins and other scenarios, for which you will face great guardians, drones and titanium sentinels. For this, you will have all kinds of exotic weapons (one and two hands) that you will find on your way, to add them to your body.

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In the GDC 2019 the new demo for Oculus’s new viewer, the Rift S, was shown, in which different missions were shown as a tutorial. The game is expected for this year 2019 and the new Stormland of Insomniac Games is the new trailer:




Blunt Force

VR action game set in World War II. The story develops parallel during the war and moments before this.



As spies we must solve the riddles, play mental games, connect all the points and discover who is worthy of our trust. As soldiers we will fight in World War II, against Nazi platoons.

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The game will be available for Steam, PSVR, Oculus and Vive.


Lone echo 2

Space game with spectacular graphics in which we will continue the story of the first delivery.


We will delve into the mysteries of deep space in an exciting journey, which if it looks like the first title sure we will enjoy the experience. Available for Rift and Rift S, we will be able to open our mouths with the trailer-experience in Oculus.


Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Virtual reality game of shooting and violent action. Your mission will be to join the French resistance to make you powerful Nazi war machines.


It is expected to be released for PSVR, Rift and Vive for July 26.

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Population: ONE

Futuristic battle royale game with Fornite-style construction tools.


In addition to running, shooting or climbing, you can build strengths and other elements or glide through the extensive map in jetpack.

It can be played only online or in teams and will be available for Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows MR.




Game of espionage and fast-paced action in which we will play an elite secret agent, in high risk scenarios.


We will participate in persecutions through the streets and roofs of the city, hand-to-hand or distance combats, using advanced technological weapons.

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It will be available for Rift throughout this year 2019.


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