The best peripherals to play in virtual reality

We review some of the best gloves with which to play in virtual reality and will make your experiences even more immersive.


Avatar VR

The wireless device of NeuroDigital Technologies, Avatar VR, allows the capture of movement and the tracking of your fingers, hands and arms for virtual environments.


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Avatar VR has 10 low-latency vibro-tactile actuators, which will make you feel the vibrations of virtual objects. In addition, their configurable gesture zones allow them to be used as controllers that carry out specific actions.

The integrated Li-Po battery provides continuous sessions of between 6 and 8 hours. The recharge is done by micro USB.



It uses the IMU technology for the complete tracking of the fingers, and Bluetooth 4.0 in dual mode with which we can connect mobile devices.




Its development kit allows you to create experiences for almost any system and viewer. Compatible with Unity, Unreal, OS VR, C ++ and C #.

This equipment is compatible with Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, Daydream, Live and Live Focus, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.




DextaRobotics wireless exoskeleton with which we can feel the size and density of objects in virtual reality. In addition, it allows a large number of movements with the hands.



Dexmo has a light weight and its battery is quite durable.

This device has its own software kit (SDK) so that developers can fully exploit their capabilities. Use NRF for data transfer.





The product comes with connectors for the Oculus and Vive controllers, as well as for the Vive tracker.

Currently has editions for developer and company (soon for individuals).




The system developed by Sensoryx consists of two light gloves without fingers and a support for the VR viewer, with 6 different types of sensors. This system is enough to track all the fingers of the hands, without the need for cameras or beacons.



The latency between the finger sensors and the viewfinder support is less than 30ms. It has long-lasting battery and multi-user support.

These gloves are compatible with GearVR, Daydream, Oculus, HTC Vive, Fove or similar.






With the HaptX gloves for the business sector, we can feel the shape, weight, texture and movement of virtual objects.



Integrated tracking allows interaction without occlusion, tracking 6 degrees of freedom per digit with submillimeter accuracy.

The product comes with a machine that regulates the air flows for the actuators, a long-lasting battery, 6 sensors and multi-user support.




The development kit has add-ons for Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and a low-level C ++ API. This SDK facilitates the development of new games or updates of existing ones.



Noitom Hi5

The gloves developed by Noitom for business, capture the actions of the hands and fingers, and offers haptic responses in the wrists.



With IMU sensor technology (9-DOF), pinpoint precision and the convenience of plug and play we will transport our hands to virtual environments. The lanciancia is inferior to the 5ms, its weight is of 105 grams and its autonomy of about 3 hours.




The product comes with replaceable battery, antibacterial, breathable and ecological material, accessories for Vive trackers, and a USB for communication with the PC (wireless).

Hi5 works with Unity, Unreal and is custom designed for Live. It also has compatibility with the Alice project.



Manus VR

Wireless glove system for tracking hands and fingers. With Manus VR we can collect, release, press, launch or apply force to virtual objects.



It has different kits depending on your needs, which include gloves, dongles, HTC Vive trackers, and licensed software and plugins.

Its graphical configuration software is simple and intuitive and allows the visualization and calibration of the gloves.




The system is compatible with any Steam VR tracking, HTC Vive and Vive Pro viewer, and mobile devices.






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