Imminent Arrival of the most anticipated VR viewfinders

In this article we will review some of the most anticipated VR devices, which arrive imminently this year 2019.

Xiaomi My

Today we expect the announcement of a new VR system by Xiaomi. According to the ad already published it is likely to be a virtual reality system with external sensors.

Xiaomi Mi VR

                  Xiaomi Advertising in Weibo (VR Super-Sensing Space)

Also today the Chinese company will announce another 19 products (laptop, earphones, thermometer, etc.). It is possible that all these new releases can be purchased during My Festival Fun these days.

Xiaomi Mi 1 April 2019


Valve Index

The newly announced Valve visor will be launched in May of this year and according to your announcement you’ll improve our experience. This device does not have much more information, except for the so-called prototypes filtered in November.

Valve Index Steam


Live Focus Plus

The HTC Live Focus Plus Viewer can be obtained from April 15 at a price of $799 with commercial license. The device will include two controllers of six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF), ideal for exhibitions, lectures and simulators.

Live Focus Plus


HP Reverb

HP Reverb will be available in May 2019, in the USA, with two versions: Consumer and professional. The Company also announced that the two versions will arrive in Spain at prices around €700.

HP Reverb

HP Reverb


Oculus Rift S and Quest

The standalone Oculus Quest will cost $399 and arrive this spring. Among its characteristics, besides not needing cables, stand out its four sensors that monitor our movements.


For its part, Oculus Rift S, which will replace the original Rift, also arrive this spring for $399 (United States). 

Oculus Rift S


There Are Another large number of virtual reality glasses announced and expected to arrive for this year 2019. This year, without a doubt, we can only be overwhelmed by the avalanche of visors.

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