Arizona Sunshine: updates and news

Arizona Sunshine, the zombie shooter with cooperative mode and made from scratch for virtual reality, continues its unstoppable expansion. It is already present in all virtual reality platforms (Steam, Oculus, PSVR and WMR).

We will review the updates and new features of the game in this article.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Zombie pistola

El juego ya ofrece actualizaciones gratuitas de trece armas a dos manos, con las que es posible utilizar periféricos como la pistola PP y el Arena Infinity LITE (aún por lanzar).

The game already offers free updates of thirteen two-handed weapons, with which it is possible to use peripherals such as the PP pistol and the Arena Infinity LITE (still to be launched).

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Also available is the new Dead Man campaign where you must stop the zombie apocalypse on a military missile base.

Arizona Sunshine dos manos



We can enjoy the new downloadable content of Arizona Sunshine: The Damned this summer on Playstation VR. This installment promises to be Arizona Sunshine’s largest mission so far.

The story of this new adventure unfolds before the Arizona Sunshine Dead Man. This time your military base runs out of power. You and your team of special forces must launch the expedition, among a huge mass of zombies wishing to feast on your brains.

The scenarios in this installment are completely new and present all kinds of novelties. Now we can look out to see the giant structures, full of walkers, from high positions.

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