AR multiplayer and avatars with Magic Leap and Weta in the GDC 2019

Magic Leap and Weta Workshop are associated to create Grordbattle: A new multiplayer augmented reality experience. This game for the Magic Leap One device was presented last Monday in the GDC 2019.

The prototype is developed in the universe invaders of Dr. Grordbort, where our voices and eye movements are reflected in the avatar we choose. The number of players who can participate is two to four.


Grordbattle is a hyper-realistic action game in which we will see evil robots organize an invasion in the living room of your house.

To Use the Magic Leap device, the room has to be scanned, creating a map of objects and walls. The application uses the wall as a portal for the invasion of robots, which we will have to take down.

Any user of the GDC 2019 can play Gordbattle until tomorrow 22nd March at the Unity stand.

Miguel A. M.


Passionate about virtual reality, augmented and mixed.

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