AMD and Nvidia, all we know

Today we will talk about everything we know so far regarding the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. We will review the characteristics, main dates, leaks and possible prices.

During the conferences at Computex and E3, the new Ryzen, the RDNA architecture of AMD and the new Navi were presented. Nvidia, on the other hand, presented its teaser on its SUPER graphics.



In the following table we see the Nvidia graphics of the RTX 20 series and the upcoming SUPER ones, all with Turing architecture, and GDDR6 memory type:


 CUDA coresFrec. Base/BoostMemoriaAncho de bandaBusPrecio
RTX 206019201345/1680 MHz6GB a 14Gbps336 GB/s349$
RTX 2060 SUPER21768GB a 14Gbps448 GB/s429$
RTX 207023041410/1710 MHz8GB a 14Gbps448 GB/s599$
RTX 2070 SUPER25608GB a 14Gbps448 GB/s599$
RTX 208029441510/1800 MHz8GB a 14Gbps448 GB/s799$
RTX 2080 SUPER30728GB a 16Gbps512 GB/s799$
RTX 2080 Ti43521350/1635 MHz11GB a 14Gbps616 GB/s1199$


The Ti variants for the 2070 SUPER and 2080 SUPER will be launched after their respective ones.

If confirmed these prices, the models 2070 SUPER and 2080 SUPER would be about $ 100 of their predecessors RTX Ti, with a similar performance. The model 2060 SUPER would be about $ 70 from its predecessor RTX Ti.

The new AMD Radeon 5700 graphics cards come with 7nm manufacturing, 8GB VRAM, and 256bit bus memory width. The RX 5700 XT will come with 40 CUs, 64 CU flow processors, 160 texture units and 64 ROPS of memory, with a power of 225W. The RX 5700 will bring 36 CU, 144 texture units, a 64 ROPS memory, and 180W power.



At the launch, they will launch a limited edition RX 5700 XT with slightly taller watches and gold trim.

In the following table we see the main features of the AMD RX series:


 GPU/procesadores streamUnidades de texturaFrec. Base/BoostMemoriaArquitecturaPrecio
RX 570Polaris 10 / 20481281168/1244 MHzGDDR5 a 7GbpsGCN179$
RX 590Polaris 30 / 23041441469/1545 MHzGDDR5 a 7GbpsGCN279$
RX 5700Navi 10 / 23041441465/1725 MHzGDDR6 a 14GbpsRDNA379$
RX 5700 XTNavi 10 / 25601601605/1905 MHzGDDR6 a 14GbpsRDNA449$


If we compare both brands, the NVIDIA RTX 2060 SUPER would be at the height of AMD’s Radeon RX 5700. And the RTX S070 SUPER would be the direct rival of the Radeon RX 5700 XT.



These new graphics come with the new architecture RDNA (Radeon DNA), instead of GCN (Graphics Core Next). Among the new changes that RDNA brings with it, we find:

  • New dual calculation unit, with a new L1 cache, which according to AMD, will improve efficiency.
  • Change the format of sending instructions, reducing their execution times.
  • Each CU now has twice as many scalar units and programmers. The double CU will improve the efficiency of the GPU workloads.
  • Improvements of the color compression algorithm to work directly with compressed data.






The dates of launch and presentation of the new products of Nvidia and AMD, if they are not changed, are the following:

  • July 2: Nvidia will present the SUPER 2060, 2070 and 2080 models.
  • July 7: AMD will launch its new CPU and GPU.
  • 9 of July: exit to the market of the RTX 2060 SUPER and 2070 SUPER.
  • July 23: Market launch of the RTX 2080 SUPER.







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