All the new features of the E3 VR

The Upload VR conference has been loaded with new titles to come, advertisements and game trailers for all platforms. Let’s see a summary of everything new for virtual reality.



The Wizards Dark Times

New complement of Carbon Studio to the game The Wizards, to which we will be able to play without needing the original.



Meat Fortress

New update with new weapons for the game Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades of Team Fortress 2.


It will arrive this June 28 for a computer.



The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

New game of adventures and exploration, from the creators of Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games.

We will help a grandfather to find his lost pets in minimundos.


Its arrival is estimated for this year and will be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR and Oculus.



New PSVR games

PlayStation VR will release the following titles: Sairento VR, Drunkn Bar Fight, Angry Birds Movie 2 VR, Pixel Ripped 1995, Golem.





New game of Iris VR, in which we will patrol streets and skies, to defeat crime.




After the Fall

New cooperative shooter of Vertigo Games that will arrive for PC next year 2020. This game takes us to a post-apocalyptic world where we will face hordes of infected.

The game will have a cooperative mode of up to four players, although we can also play alone.


In this game we will fight for human survival and we will have numerous weapons and powers to fight huge hordes and giant bosses.

Enroll in the closed beta, which is to come, here.



Disciples of Dawn

New title of Stonepunk Studio (creators of Primordian).

Dark history in developed in caves with labyrinths and underground cities.




I Expect You To Die

New update, Seat of Power, for July 16 for all platforms. The new level will be free and in it we will have to find secret information, while dodging Dr. Zor.




Arizona Sunshine

Release of the version for Oculus Quest, from the zombie game of Vertigo Games.

The game will have a cooperative mode for two players and a horde mode for four.


On the other hand, next August 27 will be launched the second Arizona DLC for computer and PSVR.





The new adventure game for PSVR and Oculus from the creators of Cosmic Trip (Funktronic).

In this fantastic world full of vegetation and magical elements, we must explore and discover new areas, while listening to relaxing music.




Espire 1: VR Operative

The game of Tripwire and Digital Lode will be on all platforms in August.




Garden of the Sea

Neat Corporation launches Garden of the Sea (early access).


In the game we will take care of our pets, garden and cabin, and we will collect objects exploring the world.



Pistol Whip

New rhythmic shooter from Cloudhead Games (creators of The Gallery) based on action movies.




Echo Arena

The multiplayer title echo Arena, from Ready At Dawn, will hit Oculus Quest.


The game consists in taking the disc to the opposite goal, playing in zero gravity.


New trailer for the Boneworks title, which will be available this year for the computer.




The Soulkeeper VR

Trailer of the HELM Systems update for your game.





Hammerhead VR will have continuation. This psychological horror story is about the romances of a robot in the wrong places.




Solaris: Offworld Combat

New multiplayer, science fiction and first person shooter from First Contact Entertainment (creators of Firewall Zero Hour and ROM: Extraction).


This title would come out during this year 2019 for PSVR, Rift and Quest.



Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

Second part of the Neat Corporation game, which starts where we left off in the first, although the first installment is not necessary to play it.




The Walkind Dead: Onslaught

Survios publishes the first gameplay of its action game based on the popular television series.




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