All PSVR accessories

We review all the current accessories that we can find for the PlayStation virtual reality.

Aim controller

The PSVR gun control is the accessory for shooters with which to shoot in virtual reality. It has integrated motion sensors and the intuitive controls of the DUALSHOCK 4.

You can shoot thanks to the virtual window and feel the recoil and vibration in your hands.

PlayStation Camera

The camera is an essential and necessary accessory for PSVR. It is responsible for tracking the helmet and controls. It uses two lenses that measure the depth of the stage in 3D.

In addition, with her it is possible to share your legendary games with your friends, recording yourself and broadcasting the video.

The device allows you to instantly log in with facial recognition and use voice recognition to initiate games and options.

PlayStation Move

The two wireless controls with advanced motion sensors with which we will interact in virtual reality scenarios.

Designed for PlayStation VR, they have vibration and a sphere that changes color. They integrate the motion sensors so that the camera detects them.

Plantronics RIG 4VR

The officially licensed headphones for PSVR feature a lightweight and ergonomic design.

Headphone ventilation and oval earmuffs allow ambient sound and hold conversations in the room where you play.

They include a 0.4m cable to move more freely.

Design support

The helmet holder makes it easy and convenient to store and use the viewfinder. It incorporates LED lights that illuminate the helmet when you do not use it.

It is powered by 3xAAA batteries, included in the box.

Transport bag

The case serves to store the PSVR helmet, processor and cables, and take them anywhere.


Support controls

The support for saving the Move commands of PSVR and loading them, contains load indicating LEDs.


Full vertical support

The support to keep both the PSVR helmet and your console, controls and headphones.

Includes a cooling fan, charging station for DualShock and Move Motion. In addition, it integrates four USB ports and a control charger for PS4, Slim and Pro.



There are other peripherals with which your virtual reality experience with PlayStation will become even more immersive.






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