All games that make the most of Valve Index knuckles

We will see the catalog of virtual reality games and experiences, compatible and optimized for use with Valve Index.

We already reviewed the features and specifications of the new Valve viewer, as well as its controllers with pressure sensors, and base stations 2.0.



The games and experiences to date with which we can enjoy almost the full potential of Index are the following:


Accounting +


Aperture Hand Lab



Apex Construct


Arizona Sunshine


Beat Saber


BigScreen Beta


Blade & Sorcery




Cosmic Trip






Duck Season


Echo Grotto


Fruit Ninja VR


Garden of the Sea


Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades


Job Simulator




Museum of Other Realities


Neos VR




Pavlov VR


Pierhead Arcade 2


PokerStars VR


Shadow Legend


Ski Jump


Space Pirate Trainer


Superhot VR


Tilt Brush


Trover Saves The Universe


Vacation Simulator


Vanishing Realms




Windlands 2








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Passionate about virtual reality, augmented and mixed.

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