Virtual reality therapies reach hospitals

There are already several hospital centers where virtual reality therapies have been introduced. This technology can contribute to both healthcare professionals and patients, in some difficult treatments, invasive or surgical procedures.

Virtual reality therapies help the patient by improving their mood, thanks to which they reduce their sensation of pain and anxiety. They also contribute to the management of fear, especially in pediatrics, even reducing anxiolytic medication.

For these treatments there is a wide variety of applications that are used depending on the characteristics of the patient: space walks, nature tours, under the ocean, 360º videos or content for children.


This technology has been incorporated in numerous hospitals in Madrid (Spain): Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles University Hospital, Infanta Elena de Valdemoro University Hospital and Villalba General Hospital or Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital in Madrid.

Similar techniques are also being used in hospitals in the city. Comunidad Valenciana and Cataluña also managed by Quirónsalud.

We find more and more both the virtual reality, as the augmented and mixed in the health field.

Miguel A. M.


Passionate about virtual reality, augmented and mixed.

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